Blunts & Cones

Are you looking for wraps to roll your own blunts, or do you prefer pre-rolled cones that you just need to fill? In this category, you'll find everything related to blunts and cones! In addition to regular blunts and cones, this category also offers flavored and terpene-infused wraps and cones!

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Various Types of Blunts

As you may already know, blunts were traditionally made from tobacco leaves, but fortunately, nowadays there are many alternatives available. One of the most popular alternatives is the use of hemp fibers to make blunt wraps! Blunt wraps come in different flavors and can even be infused with terpenes from well-known strains like Skunk and Super Lemon Haze! If you're looking for blunt wraps to add an extra dimension to your joint, you've come to the right place!

Various Types of Cones

Cones are pre-rolled tubes that you can easily fill yourself, making them ideal for those who don't enjoy rolling or prefer convenience. Many of these cones are infused with flavors to enhance the taste of your joint, and there are also cones available with a Dank 7 tip. These tips are soaked in aroma for 7 days to provide an even richer flavor experience. If you're looking for cones that are easy to fill, you're in the right place! This category has it all!