Are you looking for a blunt to elevate your smoking experience? You've come to the right place! In this category, you'll find everything related to blunt wraps. With a blunt wrap, also known as a blunt paper, your joint will gain a whole new dimension! Perhaps you're considering buying a blunt but still don't have enough information about it? At the bottom of this page, we'll provide you with more details about these blunt wraps!

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Blunt Wrap or Blunt Paper?

It may sound strange, but there isn't really a difference between blunt wraps and blunt papers. Essentially, a wrap is the same as a rolling paper; both are intended for rolling a (blunt) joint. However, there are now more brands offering alternatives to the original blunt, such as hemp wraps or herbal wraps. These new types of wraps or papers have a similar function but do not contain nicotine. The rolling and smoking process of the new type of blunt wrap is the same as with the original one.

How to Roll a Blunt?

Rolling a blunt is almost the same as rolling a regular joint, except that a blunt does not have a sticky edge. A blunt wrap has relatively unfinished edges where many fibers of the leaf are visible. When moistened, these fibers, like the adhesive strip of a rolling paper, will stick to the rest of the blunt wrap. However, it may require a bit more effort to ensure that the blunt wrap remains neatly sealed throughout its entire length. If you struggle with getting a blunt to stick, you can always tear off the adhesive strip from a regular rolling paper and use it to repair any loose sections of the blunt. Once the blunt is rolled, it is generally smoked in a similar manner to a cigar. It burns slowly, and the goal is to savor the blunt for an extended period of time.