Joint wraps, also known as hemp wraps or herbal wraps, are wraps used to roll a blunt joint. These types of wraps are made from either hemp fibers or herbs. Wraps made from hemp are commonly referred to as hemp wraps, while wraps made from herbs are known as herbal wraps. Both types of wraps are tobacco-free and do not contain nicotine. Many of these hemp wraps and herbal wraps are infused with aromas to enhance your smoking experience. If you would like more information about these hemp wraps, we will gladly provide you with more details at the bottom of this page.

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Is a hemp wrap the same as a blunt wrap?

It may sound confusing, but there is actually very little difference between blunt wraps and hemp wraps. In essence, both types of wraps serve as a form of joint rolling paper. However, traditionally, a blunt wrap was made from tobacco leaves, while nowadays you primarily see blunt wraps made from hemp. As mentioned before, the major advantage of hemp and herbal wraps today is that they are completely nicotine-free. When you combine these hemp wraps with your favorite herbs and mix them with a tobacco substitute, you can enjoy your favorite herbs without nicotine!

How do you roll a blunt or hemp wrap?

Rolling a blunt with a hemp wrap is essentially similar to rolling a regular joint, except that a hemp wrap lacks an adhesive strip. A hemp wrap for a blunt has somewhat unfinished edges where many ends of the hemp fibers are visible. When moistened, these ends, like the adhesive strip of rolling paper, will adhere to the rest of the hemp wrap. However, it may require a bit more effort to ensure that the hemp wrap stays neatly attached along its entire length. If you encounter difficulty with the adhesion of hemp wraps, you can always tear off the adhesive strip from a regular rolling paper and use it to repair any loose sections of the hemp wrap. Once the hemp wrap blunt is rolled, it is generally smoked in a manner similar to a cigar. It burns slowly, and the intention is to enjoy the hemp wrap blunt over an extended period of time.