A grinder is a device used to finely grind weed. It is also commonly used to grind other types of herbs or spices. Grinders come in many different types and sizes! If you want to learn more about grinders, you can continue reading below.
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How does a grinder work?

Grinders usually consist of two parts, each part containing teeth that resemble sharp blades. When you put weed in the grinder, the blades pass closely to each other, breaking the weed into smaller pieces. The two parts fitting together prevent anything from flying out.

These are the different types of grinders.

What different types of grinders can I buy? Grinders come in many different types and sizes. Whether you're just looking for your first grinder or you're a cannabis connoisseur, making a choice can be difficult. The most popular grinders are the 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece grinders. Each of these has progressively more features to separate the herb or weed buds from the kief trichomes, which can be used to make a variety of cannabis products like "moonrocks".

• A 2-piece grinder consists of two parts where you can place the weed to grind it.
• A 3-piece grinder adds an extra chamber in between, allowing ground buds to fall through and be finely filtered in the third layer for kief collection. This grinder may also have a storage compartment instead of a trichome filter!
• Lastly, a 4-piece grinder has an additional chamber at the bottom, specially designed with a fine trichome filter that collects the finest pieces of kief, or these grinders may sometimes have an extra storage compartment!

If you're thinking, "I'm going to buy a grinder right away," hold on for a moment. There are even more different types of grinders! We must not forget the grinder card and the automatic grinder. Fortunately, the names already give you a good idea of how these grinders are used.

• A grinder card is the size of a bank card or credit card, and it has a sharp grid in the middle. You can use it to shave herbs along the grid, effectively making the herbs smaller.
• The automatic grinder is, as the name suggests, almost entirely automatic. You just have to put your herbs in and press a button.

Is the grinder suitable for hash or weed?

Grinders that are suitable for hash and weed may not always be a perfect match, so to speak. This is because hash can react differently to temperatures, such as on a hot summer day when hash becomes softer and stickier. Imagine putting this sticky hash in a grinder – it will quickly clog up, and no more hash will come out! In colder weather or when the hash is harder, you may still be able to grind it with a standard metal or plastic grinder, but this is not always practical. Luckily, we have plenty of handy solutions for this. Take a look at our hash grinders, where you can find your new favorite grinder.