4-piece grinders

A 4-piece grinder operates in a similar manner to a 3-piece variant but includes an additional layer and typically incorporates a trichome filter. The grinding process begins by placing herbs or botanicals in the uppermost compartment. As you twist the grinder, the sharp teeth inside shred the material into smaller pieces. The ground material then falls into the middle compartment, which serves as a collection chamber.

Here comes the unique feature of a 4-piece grinder: the trichome filter. Positioned beneath the grinding section, it separates the fine trichomes (also known as kief) from the ground material. These precious trichomes contain potent compounds and can be collected in the lowermost compartment for future use.

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How does a 4-piece grinder actually work?

As the name suggests, a 4-piece grinder consists of four layers. The top two layers are identical to those of the 3-piece variant, while the difference lies in the bottom two layers of these types of grinders. The third layer of a 4-piece grinder is a compartment specifically designed to collect the freshly ground herbs or botanicals, equipped with a trichome filter at the bottom. The fourth layer of the 4-piece grinder is the dedicated compartment for the trichomes, also known as kief.

Types of 4-piece grinders

4-piece grinders come in various designs and materials. One of the most common types is the metal 4-piece grinder, favored for its robust construction and quality finish. Alongside metal grinders, there are also plastic 4-piece grinders. Plastic variants are lighter in weight compared to metal ones but may require more effort to keep them clean. If you're considering buying a 4-piece grinder but unsure about the type, we're here to provide more information on the differences among the various 4-piece grinders in our assortment.

The plastic 4-piece grinder

Are you interested in purchasing a plastic 4-piece grinder but unsure if it's suitable for your needs? One of the biggest advantages of plastic 4-piece grinders is their affordability and lightweight design, making them easy to carry around. Plastic 4-piece grinders are commonly used by individuals who want to grind herbs or dried botanicals. Typically, these grinders have a compartment beneath the grinding section to collect the ground herbs, and the bottom of this collection chamber features a filter that separates the trichomes from the herbs, storing the trichomes, or kief, safely in the lower part of the grinder until you're ready to use them.

The metal 4-piece grinder

Are you considering purchasing a metal 4-piece grinder but unsure if it matches your style? One of the main reasons people choose metal 4-piece grinders is their durability. Due to their metallic construction, these grinders are highly resistant to wear and tear. In general, every metal 4-piece grinder has a dedicated herb collection chamber just below the grinding section. The bottom of this collection chamber contains a trichome filter, also known as a screen. This filter separates the trichomes (kief) from the herbs, collecting the kief in the lower compartment. A metal 4-piece grinder is considered a more advanced model, and many people choose it specifically to separate the kief from their herbs for various purposes.