Herb grinders

A herb grinder is a convenient tool for easily grinding your favorite herbs. You can also use a herb grinder to grind substances like weed or hash! Ordering a herb grinder is possible in various types and sizes. If you'd like to order a herb grinder but want to read more about it first, you can find more information about the different herb grinders at the bottom of the page.

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What is a herb grinder exactly?

Are you interested in buying a herb grinder? Let us explain what a herb grinder is and how you can use it. A herb grinder, also known as an herb mill, is a handy device designed to easily grind your favorite herbs into small pieces. Herb grinders are the perfect way to quickly and effortlessly grind herbs into smaller sizes for use in, for example, a vaporizer!

How does a herb grinder work?

The most common type of herb grinder, like many other grinders, is the 2-piece variant. A two-piece herb grinder consists of, as you may have guessed, two parts. Both parts have sharp teeth that come together (when the two parts are closed) and rub against each other when the parts are rotated back and forth. When herbs are placed between the two parts and the parts are turned a few times, the sharp teeth easily grind most herbs. The parts of a herb grinder fit together perfectly, reducing the chance of any ground herbs falling out of the grinder.

What types of herb grinders are there?

If you want to buy a herb grinder but are not sure which type of herb grinder is best for your situation, herb grinders are available in many different types and sizes. Whether you're looking for a simple herb grinder for occasional use or a top-of-the-line electric herb grinder, you can find everything in this category. Generally, 2- and 3-piece herb grinders are considered the most popular because they have the widest variety of options available. When considering the functionality of a herb grinder, it can be said that a herb grinder with more layers also offers more features. For example, a 3-piece herb grinder usually has a collection compartment where the ground herbs can be stored, whereas with a 2-piece herb grinder, the ground herbs need to be transferred to a separate container after grinding. 4-piece herb grinders are generally less common. The reason for this is that the majority of 4-piece herb grinders come with a trichome filter, which is only useful for cannabis to separate the kief from the herb.

• A two-piece herb grinder, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most common types of herb grinders and consists of two parts. You can place herbs between the two parts and by moving the parts back and forth a few times, quickly and easily reduce the size of the herbs.
• The three-piece herb grinder, as the name suggests, consists of three layers. The top two layers are generally the same as those of a 2-piece variant, but there is a collection container for the ground herbs at the bottom of the grinder. It is also possible for the grinder to have a trichome filter between the grinding part and the collection compartment. Pay close attention to this when choosing your perfect grinder!
• The electric herb grinder is ideal for those who prefer their herbs to be finely ground. The blades in the electric grinder rotate at very high speeds, allowing them to finely grind the herbs within seconds!