Innovation should not come at the expense of taste satisfaction and ritual. The IQOS range of cigarette alternatives is specifically developed to provide a vaping experience with real tobacco but without smoke, ash, and with less intrusive odor. The accompanying HEETS tobacco sticks are available in various flavor options.
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Would you like to order an IQOS but would you like some additional information about the IQOS cigarette first? Then read on, we will explain everything about what an IQOS is and how the IQOS NL works. The IQOS 3 DUO is the newest model of IQOS on the market. This tobacco vaporizer is developed by tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris to provide an experience that closely resembles traditional smoking without actually producing smoke. Most people who buy an IQOS are smokers looking for an alternative that closely mimics the experience of a traditional cigarette. With the IQOS 3 DUO, you can vaporize two HEETS consecutively without having to recharge the battery in between, whereas the older model could only vaporize one HEET stick before the battery needed to be recharged in its holder. The IQOS 3 DUO also charges twice as fast compared to its predecessor. IQOS stands for I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking. This device is developed by tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris. The device has the shape of a pen in which a small specially designed filter cigarette is inserted. These specially designed cigarettes are called HEETS. Inside the IQOS, there is a heating element over which a HEET is pushed. The heating element heats the tobacco in the HEET up to 350°C. This releases the flavor of the tobacco in vapor form without burning the tobacco. The battery of the IQOS is used to vaporize HEETS. HEETS are small tobacco sticks specifically designed for the IQOS cigarette. The tobacco in a HEET is exactly the same as in a traditional cigarette; it is the way in which the HEETS are heated that makes it completely different from traditional smoking. The IQOS cigarette contains a specially designed heating element that heats the tobacco in a HEET to a temperature at which the moisture in the tobacco is vaporized. Due to vaporization instead of combustion, vapor is released instead of smoke. This results in fewer harmful substances being released, the odor of the vapor is much less intense than the smell of smoke, there is no fire involved, and you no longer need an ashtray. This is why more and more people are buying an IQOS. Ordering an IQOS is the easiest part. In addition to the IQOS cigarette, you also need to purchase the HEETS, which are available in a number of different flavors. When we talk about flavors here, we don't mean that you can buy HEETS that taste like strawberries, but rather different flavor nuances within the tobacco flavors. For example, it is possible to find HEETS that resemble a light cigarette more, but you can also find richer and heavier tobacco flavors.