Rolling paper is probably one of the least known types of rolling papers on the market. As the name suggests, it is a very long rolling paper that comes in a rolled-up form. And when we say very long, we mean it - most rolling papers are available in rolls of 3 and 5 meters! This gives you complete control over the size of your joint. In theory, it is possible to roll a joint that is as long as 5 meters!!! However, whether or not this is achievable depends on how much assistance you have while rolling. Most people who buy rolling paper do so because they often enjoy smoking joints with a group of friends.

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The Benefits of Rolling Paper

As mentioned above, one of the major advantages of rolling paper is that you have control over the length of your joint. You can choose to roll a smaller joint, which is convenient when you're smoking alone and don't want a full-sized joint, or you can roll a larger joint if you're with a group of people and know that a standard size won't be enough for everyone. One of the well-known brands in the rolling paper industry is RAW, which offers rolling paper in rolls of 3 and 5 meters. RAW is known for producing unbleached and untreated paper, giving it a light brown color and making it completely free of chemicals. The thinness of the paper and its chemical-free nature also ensure a clean smoking experience without any unwanted flavors.

Differences in Length and Width of Rolling Paper

In addition to the obvious benefits of rolling paper, there is one more thing to consider when you're thinking about buying rolling paper. Most 5-meter rolls fall under the category of king size slim, while most 3-meter rolls are produced as king size. A 5-meter roll from the brand RAW has a width of approximately 44mm, whereas the 3-meter rolls from RAW have a width of around 53mm. Whether a 3-meter or 5-meter roll is more suitable for you largely depends on how thick you want to roll your joints.