Are you looking for a way to enjoy your favorite herbs without having to roll them in a joint with tobacco or a tobacco alternative? Then a bong might be exactly what you're looking for! A bong is typically made of glass or ceramic and filled with water. The water in a bong helps filter and cool the smoke as it passes through, allowing you to take larger hits without the smoke becoming too hot.

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What is a bong exactly?

A bong is essentially a type of water pipe, although when people hear the word "water pipe," they often think of the hookah used to smoke shisha tobacco. While there is a significant difference in how and what they are used for, the functionality is the same for both. Both a bong and a shisha pipe filter and cool the smoke you inhale through water.

How do you use a bong?

Although bongs come in various shapes and sizes and may appear complex at times, the usage is generally the same. A bong always has a bowl, which is the part of the bong that is filled with the herbs or tobacco you want to smoke. The reservoir of the bong needs to be filled with water, and the bowl with your preferred herbs or tobacco. After that, it's a matter of lighting the herbs or tobacco in the bowl and starting to inhale from the mouthpiece, which draws smoke into the bong, passing it through the water. Once the bong is filled with smoke, remove the bowl and inhale the collected smoke in one go. If you have a bong with a fixed bowl that cannot be removed, there will be a hole on the side of the bong. Cover this hole with your finger while pulling smoke into the bong, and remove your finger when you want to inhale the collected smoke.

Bong maintenance

As you may have guessed, using a bong or pipe for smoking herbs or tobacco requires some maintenance. Residual plant material will inevitably remain in the bowl, and if not cleaned promptly, the bong may not function properly, taste less pleasant, or even become clogged. Therefore, it is highly recommended to rinse all parts of the bong thoroughly with warm water after each use. If there are stubborn herb residues in any of the bong's components, it may be advisable to clean them with rubbing alcohol to completely remove the stubborn residue.