Whether you're a regular smoker, enjoy smoking joints, occasionally use a bong, or prefer using a pipe, there's one thing everyone needs: a lighter! Without a lighter, there's no fire, and without fire, there's no smoke. It's as simple as that! In this category, you'll find all the lighters in our assortment, from simple gas lighters to double jet wind lighters. Whether you need a new lighter or prefer to have a few spares, take a look and find what you need.

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Types of Lighters

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to lighters. Some prefer a simple gas lighter due to its compact size and affordability, while others are willing to invest more in a windproof lighter or a torch lighter. The type of lighter that suits you best depends on how you plan to use it. If you're using the lighter for lighting joints or cigarettes, a simple lighter will likely suffice. However, if you're frequently on the go and tired of searching for wind-sheltered spots to light your joint, it's wise to opt for a windproof lighter. With a windproof lighter, you can easily light your cigarette or joint even in windy conditions, such as at the beach where strong winds are common.

The difference between the lighters

As mentioned earlier, each type of smoker has their personal preference when it comes to lighters. Ultimately, all lighters produce a flame and can be used for various purposes. However, there are certain limitations to consider. For instance, a simple gas lighter is not suitable for windy conditions. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to light your smoking material but struggling to find a windless spot to ignite the flame! Additionally, the maximum temperature a simple gas lighter can reach is lower compared to windproof lighters or gas torches. Windproof lighters, as the name suggests, are perfect for windy days. The sharp flame produced by a windproof lighter ensures that the flame doesn't get blown out even in strong winds. The intense flame of a windproof lighter also generates higher temperatures, making it ideal for devices like the Dynavap vaporizer. The hot flame of a windproof lighter quickly brings the Dynavap's herb chamber to vaporization temperature. The largest type of lighter can be referred to as a gas torch, such as the Novi Gun Torch. These gas torches, due to their size and weight, aren't the most portable option but are perfect for home use. With their large size, gas torches have long-lasting fuel and can reach temperatures of around 1300 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for soldering tasks, even on a small scale!