Relaxing herbs

Do you have too much work pressure or a colleague causing excessive stress? Does it make it difficult for you to fall asleep or relax? We have these herbs that have been used for centuries to help you with that.

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Where do calming herbs come from?

Calming herbs can be found all over the world. Whether you look into European, African, or Asian herbal medicine, you will come across various calming herbs in every culture. The use of calming herbs is as old as humanity itself. Before the industrial revolution in the 18th century, there were no medicines as we know them today, and herbal medicine was the primary remedy for a wide range of issues and ailments. Since then, much has changed, but fortunately, the knowledge of herbs has never been lost!

A lesser-known herb that is part of a well-known drink is Wormwood, known as Alsem in Dutch. This herb is an ingredient in the famous drink Absinthe. In large quantities, Wormwood can have hallucinogenic effects, which is why the brewing and sale of absinthe were banned for a long time in many European countries. In 1988, the European Council determined that the amount of Wormwood in absinthe was so minimal that it was not a reason to continue banning the use of Wormwood in absinthe. In the Netherlands, the ban on the sale of absinthe remained in place for many years, and it was only in 2005 that the absinthe law was repealed, allowing the sale of absinthe again. Many people who buy these calming herbs use them during meditations or prayers.

What do calming herbs do?

Each of these calming herbs has slightly different effects. Some herbs may promote calmness in stressful situations, while others may support better sleep. Additionally, there are herbs that can have stimulating effects at low doses and calming and relaxing effects at higher doses. The potential effects of these calming herbs may also vary depending on how they are used. The effect of a tea, for example, will be different from the effect of vaporizing the same herb. What all these herbs have in common is that they promote more tranquility and stability during busy periods. If you could use some more relaxation and calmness, you can buy calming herbs in this category to help you achieve that.

How to use calming herbs?

Tea can be made from almost all calming herbs, and it is the most common method of preparation for many of these herbs. There are also some calming herbs that were traditionally smoked or burned by shamans during rituals and to assist in healing the sick. Nowadays, more and more people are buying calming herbs to use in combination with a vaporizer.