Dream herbs

Did you know that you can experience your dreams more intensely? Or that there are herbs that can help you remember your dreams more easily? In African cultures, some of these herbs are still prescribed by shamans!

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Where do dream herbs come from?

Dream herbs, like dreams themselves, exist all over the world. The most well-known types of dream herbs come from places such as Mexico, Central America, Africa, and Australia. In these countries, dream herbs have been used for centuries. The most common use of dream herbs is by medicine men and shamans, who use these herbs in many of their rituals to communicate with guides or ancestors and to connect with their deities.

In indigenous Native American tribes, dream herbs were widely used to choose the names of newborns or to receive blessings from nature spirits, such as for a successful hunt. Nowadays, more and more people are buying dream herbs, for example, for use during meditation exercises. Did you know that dream herbs belong to a group of entheogens, also known as "oneirogens"? The word "oneirogens" is a combination of two Greek words: "Oneiros," which means dream, and "gen," which means to create.

What do dream herbs do?

Dream herbs are generally used because they are believed to improve sleep and potentially induce lucid dreaming. Normally, most people have no control over their dreams, as if they are watching fragments of a movie. Lucid dreaming, on the other hand, is when individuals have control over their dreams. In a lucid dream, people report having influence over various dream aspects, such as the places they dream of, the people they dream about, and the events that occur during the dream. Even today, there are medicine men and shamans who use dream herbs in their rituals and meditations. In summary, whether you are looking for an herb to improve your sleep or a herb to help you meditate like a Zen Buddhist, in this category, you can buy dream herbs that can assist you with these intentions.

How do you use dream herbs?

There are different types of dream herbs, and they can be used in various ways. Some dream herbs come in seed or nut form and are suitable for consumption. Other dream herbs are available in leaf or powder form and can be used to make tea or vaporized in a vaporizer. Different methods of use may produce different effects. If you want to buy dream herbs, consider how you plan to use them beforehand.