An aroma is a concentrated liquid that cannot be directly vaped. The aroma needs to be diluted with a base liquid. The base liquid allows you to determine the PG/VG ratio and the nicotine level. The aromas are suitable for mixing your own e-liquid!

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What are aromas?

Aromas are the flavoring agents that give taste and scent to food, drinks, etc. In the same way, aromas are also used in e-liquids! The European Union approves these aromas for use in food products. Over 2800 aroma substances have been approved! Aromas are not only used for food but also in e-liquids! Want to know more about vape aromas? Keep reading for more information about e-liquid aromas!

Vape aroma in e-liquid

To give an e-liquid the desired flavor for vaping, vape aromas are used. Often, multiple e-liquid aromas are used to achieve a specific flavor profile. For example, for a strawberry donut flavor, different strawberry aromas are used in combination with cream and pastry aromas. There might even be a hint of banana aroma used to make the e-liquid extra creamy.

Using e-liquid aromas yourself

You can, of course, purchase pre-made e-liquids where the manufacturer has used their own e-liquid aromas to achieve a specific taste. However, you can also get creative and use aromas yourself! In that case, you get to decide the flavor you want or the strength of the aroma in your e-liquid! If you want to use vape aromas to make e-liquid, you have two options. You can use pre-mixed aromas or individual aromas. Pre-mixed aromas are a blend of flavors that provide a specific flavor profile. These aromas are also known as Single Shot aromas. Single shot e-liquid aroma is the easiest form of vape aromas. You only need to dilute these Single Shot aromas!

How to make your own e-liquid with aroma?

If you have purchased vape aromas, they are not ready to be vaped! Even if you buy a pre-mixed e-liquid aroma, you cannot simply vape it as is. An e-liquid consists of more than just vape aroma. In addition to the flavors provided by the aromas, e-liquids often contain nicotine, PG, and VG. You can think of an aroma as concentrated fruit syrup. If you take a sip of pure fruit syrup without diluting it with water, the flavor is too intense (and sweet!) to drink. You add water to the fruit syrup to dilute the flavor until it becomes drinkable. Depending on how much fruit syrup you use and how much water you add, the sweetness of the drink varies. The same principle applies to making e-liquids with aromas.

PG, VG, and vape aromas

If we stick with the analogy of fruit syrup, the pure fruit syrup represents the e-liquid aroma, and the water represents PG and VG. The flavorings of the aromas are often already dissolved in PG. Propylene glycol (PG) is a substance that is highly effective at dissolving other substances. Therefore, flavorings such as aromas and nicotine are almost always dissolved in PG. When you purchase nicotine or aromas, they are already dissolved in PG. To prepare the aroma for use in an e-cigarette as e-liquid, additional PG and VG need to be added. PG has a sharper throat hit, so VG is added to soften it. VG is smoother on the throat and produces more vapor than PG. To make an e-liquid, you need to add PG and VG to the aromas. You can purchase base liquid (e.g., from Qpharm) that contains PG and VG, and optionally nicotine. Depending on the aroma, you use more or less base liquid to dilute the e-liquid. The aroma concentration is often around 10%.