Are you interested in purchasing a vape but unsure which model or type would best suit your preferences? Don't worry, our webshop offers an extensive assortment of various vape models and types! To simplify your search, we have implemented several useful filters that allow you to specify your preferences and quickly find the vape that perfectly matches your needs.

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Are you also looking to buy a vape?

If you're interested in purchasing a vape but don't know which one to choose, we have good news for you. With our wide range of different vapes, everyone can find a product that suits them. This way, you can quickly find a vape that aligns with your smoking habits. Below, we'll briefly explain the differences between the various electronic cigarettes.

The vape starter kit

If you're already familiar with vapes and genuinely ready to transition to electronic smoking, the starter kit is an option for you. The starter kit includes almost everything you need, from the vape itself to replacement parts. Just remember to order a bottle of e-liquid separately!

The disposable vape

This vape is an entry-level model for those who want to try electronic smoking for the first time. It cannot be refilled but is designed as a true disposable vape. Think of it as a replacement for a regular pack of cigarettes. These vapes come in a variety of flavors, providing you with more freedom when buying an e-smoker.

The refillable pod vapes

Pods are known for their compact size, making them ideal for carrying in your pocket at all times. This type of vape uses small capsules called "pods" that you can insert into the device. If you're primarily looking for a compact and sleek design vape, this is the device for you.

The refillable vapes

Refillable vapes are available in different types. There are refillable vape models that you inhale like a regular cigarette, as well as models that you inhale like smoking a water pipe. Keep in mind that water pipe models are generally larger and heavier than cigarette models and consume more liquid due to the increased vapor production. Whether you're looking for a cigarette-style model or prefer a water pipe-style model, all models in this category can be refilled. This way, you can ensure that you find a flavor and nicotine strength that suits you!

What is the best vape?

Choosing the best vape is a personal decision made through the use of filters. This way, you can find the best vapes for yourself. We recommend selecting a vape that fits your specific needs, ensuring that you don't have unnecessary features in your device. If you still have doubts and prefer some additional advice on vapes, no problem! You can always send us a message via the website, Facebook, or email. If you prefer to call or visit our store, we're always ready to provide you with advice and explanations in our vape shop.