Battery chargers

Charge your batteries in a proper and safe manner! The Nitecore chargers are suitable for (removable) mod batteries, and the USB chargers are suitable for the batteries of vapes. Most e-smokers should not be charged with a fast charger! Therefore, make sure you have a charger that charges up to a maximum of 1 ampere! For charging mod batteries, we recommend the chargers from Nitecore! If you want to buy a charger and need advice, call us!

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Vape chargers for your vape device!

The "e" in e-cigarette stands for "electronic," so the e-cigarette requires power, and that's why you need a vape charger for your vape device! There are different vape chargers available. Below, we will outline which vape chargers you can buy and which ones you need. So, keep reading!

USB chargers for your vape device

Vape devices that use a built-in battery can be charged with a vape USB charger. When you buy a vape device, a micro-USB cable or USB-C cable is often included, but not a USB adapter/charger. A vape device usually needs to be charged with a slow charger. A slow charger is a charger that delivers no more than 1 ampere (1000 mAh). Adapters for phones, for example, are fast chargers that often deliver more than 2 amperes. It is better not to use such fast chargers! A fast charger shortens the lifespan of the battery of your vape device and can even damage the battery due to excessive heat. If you are going to buy a vape charger, make sure to buy a slow charger!

External chargers

Vape devices that use removable batteries need to be charged with an external charger. These chargers are specifically designed to safely and properly charge these powerful batteries. There are different types of external chargers available, including chargers suitable for charging a single battery, as well as chargers that can simultaneously charge 4 or even 6 batteries at once! Learn more about external chargers on the Nitecore charger page.