You can't vape without a coil! The coil in a vape device produces vapor by heating a piece of wire with cotton wrapped around it. A coil typically lasts between 1 to 2 weeks before it needs to be replaced. When the coil starts to degrade, it loses its flavor. If you taste burnt cotton, then it's definitely time to replace the coil! When installing the coil for the first time, it's advisable to moisten the cotton with some e-liquid.
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Vape Coils for Your Vape

If you want to vape, you need a vape coil! Every vape device relies on a coil to vaporize the e-liquid. Each vape device has its own corresponding coil. That's why there are many different coils available in various shapes and sizes. If you're looking to buy a vape coil, read on for more information!

What is a Vape Coil?

A vape coil consists of a piece of metal (often kanthal) and a wick (usually cotton). The metal used in a coil is typically kanthal, but it can also be stainless steel, mesh, or another type of metal. The metal determines the coil's resistance, which is measured in ohms. Lower resistance leads to a warmer coil and more vapor production. This is why we distinguish between cigarette-style coils and waterpipe-style coils. Waterpipe-style coils have a resistance below 1.0 ohm (also known as sub-ohm). The wick in the coil allows the e-liquid to reach the metal of the coil for vaporization. Cotton is commonly used as the wicking material in vape coils. However, cotton is the component that wears out the fastest in a coil. After 1 to 2 weeks, the cotton in the vape coil becomes aged and can no longer effectively hold the e-liquid. The coil then heats the wick without sufficient saturation, resulting in a burnt taste. If you taste a burnt (cotton) flavor, it's definitely time to replace your coil with a new one.

Cigarette-Style, Waterpipe-Style, or Pre-Made Coils

We distinguish between three types of coils: cigarette-style, waterpipe-style, and pre-made coils. Cigarette-style coils are designed for smaller vape devices, often referred to as starter kit vapes. These coils have a resistance of over 1 ohm, providing a vaping experience similar to smoking a regular cigarette. Waterpipe-style coils are powerful coils capable of producing large amounts of vapor. These coils have a resistance below 1 ohm, and some waterpipe-style coils even have a resistance below 0.5 ohm. They are intended for large, high-powered vape devices capable of producing substantial vapor. Due to the high vapor production, these coils are not inhaled like a regular cigarette but rather like inhaling from a waterpipe, directly into the lungs. Pre-made coils are designed for a specific type of vape device: rebuildable atomizers (RDA) or rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA). These devices require you to build your own vape coil and cannot be used with pre-made cigarette-style or waterpipe-style coils. However, building your own coil can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you want to create unique coils like fused claptons. That's why pre-made coils are available for purchase. These coils come pre-wrapped and only require wicking. You can simply install these pre-made coils onto your deck!